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  Over the last few year football enthusiasts have experienced a managerial rivalry like no other. Simply put this is arguably the greatest managerial rivalries of all time.

  Historically, managerial rivalries have mostly been toxic affairs for them to generate a buzz, from Fergie vs Wenger, Wenger vs Mourinho, Mourinho vs Pep just to name a few, have been toxic to an extent they distract the attention from the core business; the game. Mourinho famously poked Tito Vilanova (Guardiola’s assistant) in the eyes during one of their mega clashes in La Liga. This has however not been the case in the Pep vs Klopp rivalry with both managers cordial and maintaining a certain degree of respect and admiration for each other. Another major difference has also been the standard of football which has been exceptional to say the least.

  Earlier in the season we were served with probably the best of the bunch in these titanic clashes. The game at Anfield which ended in a 2-2 draw was a display of strategy, tactical awareness and in game management from both managers. This game was pure entertainment for fans, neutrals and even to people with no affinity to football. The highlight of the game was the magnificent solo goal from Mo Salah which was a magical moment to behold.

  On the bigger scale of things, it’s quite evident how the two teams they lead have been dominant in the last few years. Since the 2018/19 season, Manchester City have accumulated 338 points while Liverpool have accumulated 337 points. These figures might sound normal for any top two rivals around the world until you consider the 3rd team with the highest accumulated points, Chelsea, with 264 points over the same period. The difference is astronomical.

  This Sunday another episode of this humongous clash awaits us at the Etihad. With only one point separating the two and with 8 games remaining it will be one of those games that decides whether the title is paraded on the streets of Manchester or Liverpool. This is definitely one not to miss.

  Keep it Cuepoint.