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This week’s song of the week goes to Only One(Dawa ya Baridi) by Mr Seed ft Masauti. The song is off the Black Child Album by Mr. Seed.

To say this ballad is a hit would be an understatement. Its currently ruling the airwaves both on Mainstream and Social media as evidenced by the numerous tiktoks on the song.

The lyrics to the song are well written and you can tell much thought was put into the lyrical content. It is well arranged and the two singers are in sync, you can tell this by the vocals interchange between the two, without watching the video it would be hard to tell the voices apart.

The beat is catchy and its definite this will be a banger both at home and at the club. The video was nicely done, the visuals are great however its too simple for such a banger.

All in all this is a definite hit.

Score: 8.0/10